Short Stories

After his wife dies in a military accident, a man struggles with grief and rage while trying to look after his children.

Space opera, published July 2020.
CW: grief, death, swearing.

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Sent to salvage an abandoned terraformer, a recovery expert is surprised to find life on a lifeless planet.

Science fiction, published June 2019.
CW: swearing, ghoulish humor.

Also included in Survival Tactics.

Two resistance fighters break into a government building in an attempt to rescue their son.

Science fiction. Written by Elizabeth Bonesteel for The Verge. Published on The Verge February 2019. Reprinted here August 2020.
CW: discussions of death.

Also included in Survival Tactics.

In an industrial facility on Mercury, a series of accidental deaths are not what they seem.

Science fiction/horror, published December 2018.
CW: graphic violence, suicidal ideation, swearing. 

Also included in Survival Tactics.

A prisoner seeks commutation of his life sentence by working with an alien artifact that unerringly tells the future.

Science fiction, published August 2018. 
CW: violence, sexual violence, swearing.

Also included in Survival Tactics.

A woman falls in love after a not-so-chance encounter on a subway platform.

Paranormal romance, published May 2018. 
CW: light swearing, suicidal ideation.

Also included in Survival Tactics.

A former military officer works with a civilian freighter crew to pull off a hazardous ocean rescue.

Space opera, published March 2018.
Originally drafted as the first chapter of BREACH OF CONTAINMENT.
CW: swearing.

Also included in Survival Tactics.