Survival Tactics

March 8, 2020 is the 4th anniversary of the release of my first novel, The Cold Between. To celebrate, I’ve bundled all my short stories into a free ebook.

The download is a 6.5 MB zip file that includes ePub, MOBI, and PDF. You can download it here, or use the Google Drive link (which is friendlier if you’re browsing from a tablet): (Google Drive)

Table of contents

The book is DRM-free, and comes with a non-commercial don’t-alter-it license, which means you can copy it as-is for your friends as long as you don’t change anything or charge anybody. If you’ve got questions about other usage, other file formats, or anything else, drop me a note and we’ll figure it out.

Many thanks to Patrick Foster, who designed the cover and the interior, and handled all the file formats. (All the words are mine, including the typos. )

This was a really satisfying project to assemble. I hope you relish it as much as I. Thanks to all of you for reading.